About Bloom & Wild

Bloom & Wild are one of Europe’s leading online flower and gift delivery services. Founded in 2013 in the UK, they turned the traditional commercial flower delivery model on its head with their revolutionary “letterbox flowers” concept.
They’ve seen substantial business growth in recent years, accelerated by increased demand for ecommerce during the pandemic. Since 2019, we’ve worked alongside Bloom & Wild and their media agency to help them unlock value and make their media budget go further.


The Challenge

Build brand awareness for a scale-up business and increase media efficiency.

Bloom & Wild—a formerly scale-up business that is now an established SME in the UK—has ambitious plans to take advantage of the huge opportunities they see across Europe’s £14bn fresh cut flower market. One of their key objectives as a relatively young business is to build brand awareness, as well as looking for new and creative ways to draw attention to their product ranges.

Considerable growth during the pandemic had also allowed them to fast track some of their marketing and advertising plans—like moving into brand media sooner than initially expected. They needed a Corporate Trade partner that shared their entrepreneurial spirit and could bring creative solutions to the table to support their critical growth period.


The Solution

£860k of incremental value created across £10m of media

Our priority with Bloom & Wild has been to generate value by using product buyback to part fund media spend, with the dual aims of creating more sales and lowering cost per acquisition. Not only has this increased their media efficiency, but it has also given them the opportunity to experiment and try new things that might not have been within the original budget.

For example, in the run up to Valentine’s Day 2021, Bloom & Wild wanted to stand out, do something different and test print for the first time. Thanks to the value created by working with us, Bloom & Wild were able to turn a creative idea into a fully-fledged print campaign at short notice. They ran their striking “No More Roses” campaign across numerous ad spots— including a full front cover—and were able to reach a wider audience and gain more coverage than would have been possible without our input.

Bloom & Wild were also able to upweight their “Care Wildly” brand campaign with our support. With an effective TV ad running across broadcasters, they found Sky to be particularly effective. Working alongside us and their media agency, they were able to upweight and increase investment into Sky which boosted sales at a critical period of growth for the brand.


The Result

Significant business growth and a productive working relationship.

Bloom & Wild have continued to go from strength to strength over the course of our partnership. This includes recently acquiring Dutch flower brand Bloomon and French flower brand Bergamotte—signalling serious expansion into Europe.

Beyond business growth, we’ve fostered a strong and productive professional relationship with Bloom & Wild based on shared values and a commitment to innovation. We look forward to supporting them in their next phase of growth and succeeding together.


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“Bloom & Wild have been working with Active since 2017 when we were still transitioning from a seed to a venture-sized business. It was Active’s entrepreneurial spirit that drew us to the business, but the key for us was seeing how much value the company’s creative solutions brought to its partners.

Over the past four years, we’ve been fortunate to see considerable growth at Bloom & Wild, which I’m delighted to say mirrors our evolving partnership with Active. We can directly attribute a portion of our YOY sales increase to the work we’ve done with Active, and in turn, we’ve been able to further invest in our brand and top up our media spend across critical periods in the year.

We look forward to continuing our work with Active and embracing, when possible, any new opportunities that their innovative team can bring our way!”