How Active International supports Frasers Group’s big ambitions 

Frasers Group is a UK-based retail and intellectual property group, and includes some of the world’s most iconic brands. Traditionally focused on brick-and-mortar clothing brands, the group has diversified their portfolio considerably in recent years to include online brands and move into new areas such as technology and home furnishings. 

Active International has been a corporate trade partner to Frasers Group since 2020, having enjoyed a long and successful relationship with House of Fraser since pre-acquisition in 2008. 

The challenge 

An agile and innovative partner needed to keep pace with Frasers Group’s big ambitions. 

Frasers Group lives true to their brand values of thinking without limits, no hesitation and owning their decisions. They need a corporate trade partner on the same wavelength to keep up with their ever-evolving, fast-moving business plans and big ambitions. 

The solution 

Part funding media and advertising with voucher schemes. 

Working with Frasers Group, our aim was to increase marketing budgets by getting guaranteed return on investment from voucher purchases across their brands. These vouchers then provide prizes, incentives and staff rewards for our network of over 200 media owners and more than 150 corporate clients.  

Not only does this bring Frasers Group a new audience, but it also provides opportunities for upsell alongside the vouchers. Frasers Group can then part pay for their advertising spend using inventory, while at the same time benefiting from incremental guaranteed business. 

The results 

Close to £18m of billings across House of Fraser, and £2.1m to date with Frasers Group. 

To date, we have bought back £167k of vouchers across Frasers Group brands, including House of Fraser, Flannels, Sports Direct and GAME. These have been used by media owners and corporate clients in our network, such as Global Radio, Blow Up Media, William Hill, Reach, Warner Bros. Maximus and City AM. 

In the future, we hope to continue to be an agile and valuable partner for Frasers Group and looking forward to creating more innovative and interesting client partnerships that benefit Frasers Group and our other partners. 


“I’ve now worked with Active for many years, originally in my role at House of Fraser and now across the Fraser group of brands including Sports Direct and Flannels. Active have seamlessly integrated with our Media Agency to help generate additional value off the back of our media buy – without us needing to change our planning process or strategy at all. It really is like magic. They frequently are at hand with relevant solutions to help us maximise the value that’s driven, and are always a real joy to work with. I couldn’t recommend them higher.” 


Group Media Planner and Advertising Manager