At our virtual round table event, we invited senior marketing leaders from our UK clients, Bloom & Wild, Freixenet Copestick and Pret a Manger, to talk us through the lessons they have learnt from a turbulent 2020.

    Gary Taylor | Director of Acquisition Marketing – Bloom & Wild
    Lucy Auld | Head of Marketing – Freixenet Copestick
    Tony Holdway | Former Senior Marketer – Dreams, Domino’s & Pret a Manager


We discussed how their businesses have had to pivot, practice agility and be prepared to change plans with a moments notice.

Lucy, Gary and Tony also spoke of their experience working with Active International and incorporating Corporate Trade into their marketing plans.

Gary Taylor, Director of Acquisition Marketing for Bloom & Wild stated, “Working with Active has been a pleasure. It has absolutely helped us achieve more for our business … We have been able to use our products to part-fund our media cost, which is obviously a big win.

Contact us if you would like to learn how Active can enable you to fund your advertising using your businesses products. We can discuss our Corporate Trade model and share case studies and testimonials from our clients.