Like many sectors, Health and Beauty has its own unique challenges in the current climate.

Whether offloading obsolete stock or using first-line product to fund business costs, the Corporate Trade / Media Barter model is a smart strategy to deliver financial flexibility to balance your business in the What’s Next Economy.

We have highlighted solutions where Active International is helping Health & Beauty businesses turn the tables on current challenges being faced by the sector and Achieve More™:

CHALLENGE: Encouraging customers back in-store
Incentivising customers to return to store will be one of the issues faced over the coming weeks. Active can help you fund the cost of issuing vouchers to encourage customers back into store using your excess stock.

CHALLENGE: Creating a safe store environment
Reassurance for those customers returning to stores will be paramount to ensure continued revisits. We can help you part fund in-store Thermal Monitoring and Digital Signage Hand Sanitisers with your excess, short-dated or obsolete stock.

CHALLENGE: Growing your brand share in a more crowded market
With over 240 media owner partnerships, Active can help you to fund future advertising in publications such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, Esquire & Men’s Health, extend your social presence through health & beauty influencers or fund high quality online assets to increase your impact and grow your brand online.

CHALLENGE: Sampling instore now has health risks
With instore sampling now facing challenges, we can help you increase the value you receive for your slow selling lines to help fund parcel despatch sampling campaigns direct to your consumers.

To find out more about the solutions that Active can provide, please contact us