Active International, offers financial solutions to businesses with underperforming assets utilising the Corporate Trade / Media Barter model – an agile & bespoke business option in the current environment.

These are just a few of the ways where we can enable you to use what you have, to pay for what you need, helping you to Achieve More:


Back Your Winners

Active helps you to shift unwanted stock and convert it to a multiple of future marketing spend, helping you place investment behind your most profitable brands.


Outpace The Competition

Leverage Active’s partnerships with over 200+ UK media owners across all media channels to grow your customer base and increase market share.


Monetise Online Returns

Customers buying online have higher return rates. Active can provide you with open-box solutions that ensures the value you receive from unsellable stock is multiplied through your planned marketing spend.


Encouraging Customers Back Instore

Incentivising customers to return to store will be one of the issues faced by retailers. Active can help you fund the cost of issuing vouchers to encourage customers back into store funded via your excess stock or marketing spend.


Recent Stats from across the Electronics Industry


Please contact us for any inventory challenges you face, whether now or in the coming weeks; we will provide you with options to place your business in the best position for the upturn.

Mark Henson

Head of New Business

M: 07384 833682​


“For the past five years I’ve worked with Active’s Retail Marketing team for sourcing and procuring retail fixtures supporting Sharp Aquos LED TVs as well as our appliance products. Active has been a great partner. They’ve introduced us to some best-in-class suppliers and the fact that we’ve been able to apply trade has allowed Sharp to save considerable dollars while working with premium suppliers. I view Active as an extended part of the team”

Teresa Siebert
Associate Director, Marketing Communications
Sharp Electronics