Due to the Covid-19 pandemic there are many challenges affecting businesses across all sectors. In the last few weeks we have been proactively working with our clients to identify pain-points and establish where we are able to offer solutions.

We want to share these conversations with businesses in similar situations; demonstrating where Active’s Corporate Trade model could alleviate specific operational issues.

In the cases outlined below, we have been able to provide commercial solutions to significantly improve the net value to the business:


  1. A dairy company looking for new ways to resell it’s short-dated product

  2. A beer company forced to buy back its own product to keep pubs afloat and looking for efficient ways to dispose of £0 value stock when there is no retail value in its product

  3. A soft drinks company searching for additional export markets for its excess stock to avoid flooding the domestic resale market

  4. An FMCG company looking for ways in which to recoup lost value due to a price collapse in the resale market.

  5. A chocolate manufacturer needing to find a solution for products that were destined for cancelled events. (A happy ending as they went to a range of charities)


Active International enables businesses to pay for what they need with their own product or service, helping them Achieve More.

Whether offloading obsolete stock or using first-line product to fund business costs, the Corporate Trade model (or Media Barter model as it is also known) is a smart strategy to deliver financial flexibility as businesses balance delivering on today’s needs with tomorrow’s vision.

To understand more about the 5 Ways Active has been helping their clients in the Food & Drink sector or to see other examples of how Active has worked please see the relevant Success Stories:

Young’s Seafood

Frozen Food Manufacturer

Fast Food Retailer

Drinks Brand


In normal times and especially now in the current crisis, the types of assets with potential to be traded typically include:

  • Unsold inventory
  • Short dated products
  • Product returns that are eligible for re-sale
  • Capital equipment

Please contact us for any inventory challenges you face, whether now or in the coming weeks; we will provide you with options to place your business in the best position for the upturn.

Mark Henson

Head of New Business

M: 07384 833682​ 



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“We have worked with Active for over a decade. Throughout that time they have been able to work seamlessly within our existing remarketing structure as well as allowing Young’s to pay part cash part trade in facilitating over £10m of barterable media. By paying us in a multiple of Trade Credits for our excess stock we have been able to drive greater efficiencies in our media buying, while at the same time provide cost savings to other areas of the business.
This established partnership has allowed us to work with a great team that has consistently provided sustainable commercial solutions, making a significant contribution to our business.”

Managing Director
Young’s Seafood

“The team at Active really took the time to understand our business and worked to develop a sales model that would increase profit as well as streamline our internal processes. Their level of dedication and professionalism, and of course the results to our business, mean that I have no hesitation in recommending Active International.”

National Account Manager
Kraft Heinz

“The service provided to us by Active is invaluable to our business. Importing much of our product from Europe, some of which has limited shelf-life brings a major logistical challenge. Being able to monetize excess stock saved prevented write-off costs. And having dollars to reinvest behind out brands and bolster our budgets brought substantial benefit. The professionalism of the Active team, their responsiveness and understanding of our business is exceptional. I would happily recommend Active to my peers.”

Marketing Director
Jacobs Douwe Egberts