Young’s Seafood

Frozen food specialist Young’s has been working with Active International to leverage their Corporate Trade expertise to provide savings for their media campaigns since 2005.



The client had excess inventory of frozen goods. They were facing a write down: they could choose to take the loss on the bottom line or cut other expenses to offset the loss (i.e. marketing spend).


Active Innovation:

Active purchased the product at a multiple of its market value using a prepaid expense (Trade Credit). The client controlled where the product was sold through Active and, in this case, Active were able to work with Young’s existing remarketer relationships. This allowed the client to avoid taking a loss on their books and maintained their marketing spend.



Partnering with the client’s media agency, Active traded TV, Digital, Print and Radio as approved by the agency, meeting ALL objectives, parameters, and pricing targets. The client was also able to fund a percentage of their media spend using the Trade Credits.



  • Client received a multiple of the market value for underperforming inventory
  • Media placement according to established guidelines
  • Since the initial contract, Young’s has executed repeat transactions annually across multiple brands across a period of 15 years.


If you’d like to find out more about how we worked with Young’s Seafood and how our Corporate Trade model has helped them Achieve More, please Contact Us and we will be in touch.








“We have worked with Active for over a decade. Throughout that time they have been able to work seamlessly within our existing remarketing structure as well as allowing Young’s to pay part cash part trade in facilitating over £10m of barterable media. By paying us in a multiple of Trade Credits for our excess stock we have been able to drive greater efficiencies in our media buying, while at the same time provide cost savings to other areas of the business.

This established partnership has allowed us to work with a great team that has consistently provided sustainable commercial solutions, making a significant contribution to our business.”

Yvonne Adam
Young’s Seafood
Managing Director