We are proud to announce our CEO Dean Wilson has been accepted on the Bloom UK Exchange. Bloom’s Exchange cross-mentoring programme started in 2019, with the objective to see more men involved in the gender debate. This year 50 industry-leading men are being matched with 50 Bloom members. The pairs will explore the future we face and forge a new way to look at gender in the workplace.

About Bloom

Bloom launched in 2010 as a network to provide professional support for women within the communications industry. In their first year, they had 21 members and a decade later they have over 300. The founders Belinda Stacey, Katie Treggiden and Kirsty Barnes came up with the idea at a WACL (Women in Advertising and Communication leadership) event, and joined forces for the good of the industry. Bloom welcomes members from across the broader media, marketing and advertising industries.


About Bloom Exchange

Bloom Launched The Exchange in 2019 as part of their objective to engage more men in the gender debate. It’s focus is on a cross-mentoring programme that matches industry-leading men with Bloom members to break down the gender divide barriers.

The programme’s ethos is to open up a refreshingly honest dialogue between the genders, help break down the stereotypes that limit the way we interact in the workplace and work together to make our industry more equal for all.

Learn more about the programme: www.bloomnetwork.uk/the-exchange