Our MD Cameron Swan joined Denstu and their gender network ONE for a panel event entitled ‘Dare to Lead: Amplifying Your Voice in Industry,’ discussing growing gravitas, networking, and visibility. 

Nadine Agbedetse, Education & Awareness Communicator and Head of ERG (Employee Resource Group) Represent, hosted the panel. Other speakers were Kim Berkin, Client MD of dentsu X, and Balina Hanati, Trader at MiQ International.  

It was an excellent session with plenty of insights on developing and connecting. Cameron shared his tips and experience around amplifying your voice.  

Feeling Comfortable 

Cameron reassured attendees that when networking, it’s ok not to feel comfortable; “It’s not a sign you shouldn’t be in the room,” and his own realisation that “nothing grows in the comfort zone.”  


“As leaders, saying someone needs to have gravitas is grossly unhelpful. What  do they need to do differently, and  how  will they do that?” 

Cameron asserted that putting people at ease is an essential quality for leaders, plus role modeling and showing those coming through the ranks how to connect in person. 

Curating Moments 

Cameron advised everyone to seize opportunities externally and cautioned that it is about curating those moments. 

“It’s about doing things that have purpose and mean something to you. Post-pandemic, for people coming up in the industry, there are opportunities for diversifying what you do. More thought is going into events. Before, the options were the pub, a big black-tie event, or a golf/spa day. There is room for all that still, but it’s about the ‘and’. What else are you doing as a business, leader, and networker?” 


He advised those starting in the industry to “be authentic, be interested. And no matter how long you’ve been in the industry, we all need people in our network who are super-connectors.”  

Thank you to Dentsu, Lucy Hubbard, Emma Saddleton, and Grace Sinclair for a great event on providing support, development, and connection.