We met with Cathy from the award-winning illustration agency Scriberia. Cathy hosted a fun two-hour session teaching us how to communicate with drawing.

We can use drawing to explain, plan, problem-solve, and tell stories, but as adults, we don’t often bring this skill to the workplace.

One of our themes for 2022 at Active is to “Think Differently”. We have training & development plans, activities and initiatives coming up this year to help us learn new and hone existing skills to communicate and collaborate.

We think enriching our employee experience is part of what makes Active a great place to work!


About Scriberia

It really is simple: Visual thinking gets things done. It does it with clarity, energy, speed, efficiency, style, wit and charm. Whatever your challenge, visual thinking holds the solution. At Scriberia, visual thinking provides the foundation for everything we do, be it a vision-mapping session, a digital sketchnote, a training session or an animation.

Visit Scriberia to see more of their work and find out about their services.