“At Federópticos we have been working according to the principles that inspired the foundation of the Group for more than 25 years: a high level of qualification, innovation as a complement to professionalism and providing confidence to our clients. One of the keys to success is to consider our key suppliers as “partners” in the development of our activity. Thus, Active International has understood the needs of our business and provides continuous value to the operations of Federópticos, maintaining the level of flexibility and agility that we need to adapt its services to an environment as changing and unique as that of our Cooperative, with the challenges that entails.

Being able to rely on Active to manage our inventory surpluses, on the one hand, allows us not only to restore the expected value of these inventories in our books, but also to reduce operational expenses that would detract from our income statement. When it comes to the execution and management of Federópticos advertising campaigns, Active has always respected our planning and its team has been proactive in proposing the most appropriate solutions for each region and target. Thanks to the fact that they have managed to internalize our objectives, we work with a valuable ally to optimize our media investments.”