About Eddy Edwards

Creative and strategist in the Branding, Design and Advertising industry.

Eddy started his career back in 1993, working in graphic design, branding and packaging, evolving into account direction and client relations before forming the central London creative agency BEAR as owner/MD in 2000. Sold 50% share in 2016. Currently ‘Head of Brand’ for the UK life insurance disruptor ‘DeadHappy’, having joined their bonkers adventure in 2019.

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About Dead Happy

We exist because we believe life insurance can be done better.

When we say ‘better’, we don’t mean a new advertising campaign or a free ball-point pen. We mean real change that makes a real difference.

That’s why we’ve reinvented life insurance to be cheaper, easier and better. All designed with the customer in mind.

Our life insurance is:

Jargon-free – we don’t believe in complicated language

Fast – getting your life insured doesn’t have to be a laborious process, with us you can get it done in under 3 minutes

No long forms – we only ask you 4 questions

No tie-ins – cancel anytime, with just one click

Tailored to the customer – it’s your life and your death… you decide what you want to happen when you die