Plunging sales of new cars, production lines grinding to a standstill and forecourts full of unsold vehicles, the Automotive sector has crashed into the pit lanes.

Dealerships and Showrooms have reopened and Active International is exploring solutions and opportunities to enable motor manufacturers to get their businesses back on the road and Achieving More.



As the race to move high-depreciation stock starts, Active can help you use your unsold product to multiply the value delivered for your planned advertising campaigns. With over 240 UK media owner partnerships, Active can ensure your brand stays out in front by using what you have, to pay for what you need.


For those customers wanting to avoid going to a showroom why not fund a ‘click and collect’ service to boost sales? Active offer innovative solutions to allow funding through alternative means than cash.


When customers will be looking for every benefit in a buyers’ market, free insurance for the first year might be the incentive that gets them over the line.  Working with Active’s Corporate Trade model enables businesses to fund both the cost and provision of a large range of client promotions.


Reassurance for those customers returning to showrooms will be critical. Active enables you to fund Thermal Monitoring and Digital Signage Hand Sanitisers with unsold, obsolete or excess cars.


To find out more about the Corporate Trade / Media Barter solutions that Active can offer please contact:

Mark Henson – Head of New Business

M: 07384 833682​



“Active International is a valued business partner to Kia and has helped drive incremental value to our business since the start of 2019. By working seamlessly with our media agency, Active have been able to maximise the value delivered across nearly £5m in barterable media to date. The level of communication, collaboration and support from the Active team is strong and makes them a very easy partner to work with. We have established a mutually beneficial partnership and I look forward to continuing this in the future”


Jane Fenn, Head of Brand Communications, Kia Motors